Swiss Roll.

May 25, 2009

cake This was our second attempt at making a jelly roll. Brad and I came back with some great jellies from a farmer’s market in Charlotte. We ended up using half a pint of boysenberry jelly for a 15″ x 10.5″ pan of cake bread.

I used this recipe, which was okay, but honestly it lacked a bit of aesthetic points (although it would have been nice just as a homemade product). I also sprinkled some confectioner’s sugar at the end, which played well with the tart boysenberry. However, our next attempt would be better served if we had used whipping cream with the jelly, partly because we had a hard time spreading it, but also because it seeped into the bread and made it all purple. Further, I think the jelly would have benefited with a creamier/smoother texture to offset the grainy bread one.

Finally, I would like to try something that looks a bit more like the Taiwanese jelly roll cakes that I’m more familiar with eating. Something like from this blog or this one


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